With the Honourable Supreme Court of India ensuring that #CBIForSSR is a reality, we at the Republic Media Network believe that it is the biggest leap in the direction of justice for the Sushant Singh Rajput case. We hope that the CBI will take the case to its logical conclusion in a time-bound manner and justice will prevail in its entirety.

We, at the Republic Media Network, humbly bow down to people across the globe for their support to what has been the biggest global public campaign in recent memory. Your united voices in historic numbers, your unfettered quest for justice day-after-day, and your invaluable support for the truth to emerge in its entirety has shaped the direction of investigation in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

At a time when those in high offices were trying to bury this case and whitewash it with depression and suicide theories, it was YOU-- THE PEOPLE-- who stood up and demanded a full-blown independent investigation; at a time when a highly-connected machinery was in operation to bury the Sushant Singh Rajput case, it was YOU-- THE PEOPLE-- who united to roar for justice; at a time when a very influential political-Bollywood nexus was at work to cover-up, it was YOU-- THE PEOPLE-- who guided the way with your voice. And THAT strength in your COMBINED VOICES has ensured that absolute, untainted and unwavered justice will be delivered in India’s great democracy.

Now, we, at the Republic Media Network, call upon you to support the PEOPLE’S CHARTER.


The historic response to the #CBIForSSR campaign has proved that nothing and no one can drown the voices of the people of India-- both within the country and abroad. Here’s why we, at the Republic Media Network, believe you should support the People’s Charter:

  • The People’s Charter is one that serves as a reminder to the world of the strength and resolve of the COLLECTIVE people of India.

  • The People’s Charter is a pledge that we will be united in our FIGHT for the RIGHT to prevail over the WRONG, no matter who is on the other side.

  • The People’s Charter is a promise that the people of India, and Indians across the world, will come together to stand firmly united against any abuse of power

  • The People’s Charter is a pledge that we will combine our voices and resolve to ensure that the weighty arms of Indian democracy will fix accountability and will deliver justice


The Sushant Singh Rajput case and especially the #CBIForSSR campaign has brought a historic number of Indians together- in India and abroad. Now, support the People’s Charter to back what this case and campaign embodies:

1. THE COLLECTIVE RESOLVE TO STAND UP & DEFEAT THE WRONG: The #CBIForSSR case embodies the oath that people will come together to stand for what is right and unitedly fight the wrongs, no matter the odds.

2. THE COLLECTIVE POWER TO RESET A QUESTIONABLE INVESTIGATION: #CBIForSSR embodies the collective power of the people to ensure justice in a case that was almost closed till a month ago. It was millions who came together to ensure that the questionable ongoing investigation by the Mumbai Police was reset.

3. JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SHORTCHANGED: The verdict today is a crucial reminder that in our great nation, justice will not be shortchanged as long as there is public vigil and robust pillars of democracy unconditionally working in the sole purpose and quest for the absolute truth.

4. THE TRIUMPH OF THE COMMON MAN OVER THE ELITE: The verdict for #CBIForSSR represents that in the battle between the elite and the common man in pursuit of the truth, it is the people who hold the power. In that, this #CBIForSSR campaign has reiterated the power dynamic in our great democracy.

5. THE GLOBAL PUBLIC MESSAGE THAT NO ONE WILL GO UNSCRUTINISED: The verdict for #CBIForSSR is a roaring global public message by the people of India to those who believe justice can be blindsided that no case will go unscrutinised.

6. THE DECLARATION THAT NO ONE WILL GO UNQUESTIONED: The Supreme Court’s verdict on #CBIForSSR is a reassurance to the nation that those at the helm of affairs - whether they be politicians in power, the well-connected Bollywood brigade, or those leading a criminal investigation - no one will go unquestioned, because the people of India will not let that happen.

7. THE COMMON MAN IS THE FULCRUM OF OUR DEMOCRACY: The verdict on #CBIForSSR by the topmost court of the nation is proof that the common man’s voice has the power and this power shall remain the fulcrum of our great democracy.

8. UNCONTAINABLE RESOLVE TO FIX ACCOUNTABILITY: #CBIForSSR embodies an uncontainable resolve of the people to fix accountability no matter the powers at play on the other side. The #CBIForSSR campaign has ensured that the people of India come together to ensure that those controlling the law and order machinery and executive are answerable to the public.




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